Thursday, April 12, 2018

Classification of defects: critical defect

A classification of defects is the enumeration of possible defects of the unit of product classified according to their seriousness. Quality defects are classified into three broad areas: critical, major, and minor.

A critical defect is a defect that is likely to result in a hazardous or unsafe condition for an individual or anyone around him using the product or that contravenes mandatory regulations.

The most serious critical defects are those which can endanger the health of consumers - contamination by toxic chemicals, salmonella, botulism, metal or ceramic fragments and so on.

Any product is usually subject to 100 percent inspection for critical defects. Because of this requirement, the monitoring of CCPs is monitoring of CCPs is different from that of many other important but less critical factors in food process.
Classification of defects: critical defect
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